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[   ]Appleton1996-Mapping Stellar Evolution in the Wake of Density Waves in Ring Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 75K 
[   ]Appleton2008-Massive Star Formation and Dust in Collisional Ring Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 1.5M 
[   ]Bazell2003-Novel Approaches to Semi-supervised and Unsupervised.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 102K 
[   ]Borne1990-Probing the tides in interacting galaxy pairs.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 928K 
[   ]Borne1990-Tidal phenomena in interacting galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 54K 
[   ]Borne1992-Activity in Interacting Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 232K 
[   ]Borne1993-Radio jets in colliding galaxies-Testing the interaction-activity connection.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 12K 
[   ]Borne1994-Multi-Wavelength Observations of Interactive Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 196K 
[   ]Borne1995-Group Simulations-Looking for Compact Groups.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 317K 
[   ]Borne1995-The Hubble Space Telescope Data Archive.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 432K 
[   ]Borne1995-The Interaction-Activity Connection.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 930K 
[   ]Borne1996-The unusual X-ray collision morphology of NGC 4782-4783-3C 278.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 366K 
[   ]Borne1997-An HST Imaging Survey of the Ultraluminous IR Galaxies-in Search of the Power Source.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 55K 
[   ]Borne1997-Early results from an HST imaging survey of the ultraluminous IR galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 59K 
[   ]Borne1997-HST Observations of the Ultraluminous IR Galaxies and Investigations of the Interaction-Activity Connection.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 375K 
[   ]Borne1997-Morphological similarities between HDF and ultraluminous IR galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 58K 
[   ]Borne1998-Early Results From an HST Imaging Survey of the Ultraluminous IR Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 269K 
[   ]Borne1999-An archival survey of the HDF-South.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 56K 
[   ]Borne1999-Dynamics of Ultraluminous Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 164K 
[   ]Borne1999-Evidence for multiple mergers among ultraluminous IR galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 57K 
[   ]Borne1999-NICMOS and WFPC2 Imaging of Ultraluminous Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 343K 
[   ]Borne2000-Data Mining in Astronomical Databases.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 62K 
[   ]Borne2000-The Diverse Population of ULIRGs.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 56K 
[   ]Borne2001-Science User Scenarios for a VO Design Reference Mission.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 460K 
[   ]Borne2001-The Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxy Population.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 218K 
[   ]Borne2002-HST Observations of Young Star Clusters in Interacting Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 332K 
[   ]Borne2003-A National Virtual Observatory NVO Science Case Properties of Very Luminous IR Galaxies-VLIRGs.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 65K 
[   ]Borne2005-Data Mining in Distributed Databases for Interacting Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 375K 
[   ]Borne2007-Data Mining for Extra-Solar Planets.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 123K 
[   ]Borne2007b-wildfire.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 591K 
[   ]Borne2008-The LSST Data Mining Research Agenda.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 48K 
[   ]Bushouse1998-Simulations of NGST Observations of Ultraluminous IR Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 588K 
[   ]Christian2008-Building a Data Education Community Online.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 42K 
[   ]Colina2000-Integral Field Spectroscopy of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 411K 
[   ]Holincheck2010-Tasking Citizen Scientists from Galaxy Zoo to Model Galaxy Collisions-Preliminary Results.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 146K 
[   ]Ivezic2008-Parametrization and Classification of 20 Billion LSST Objects.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 292K 
[   ]Jacoby2010-ASP Paper for Proceedings-final.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 40K 
[   ]Kargatis1999-Web-Based Tools For Exploration of ADC Data Holdings and NASA Data Archives.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 451K 
[   ]Long1994-The Hubble Space Telescope Data Archive.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 399K 
[   ]Lucas2005-Morphological CAS Parameters of a Sample of Very Luminous Infrared Galaxies-VLIRGs.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 179K 
[   ]McGlynn2004-Building Interoperable NASA Archives.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 239K 
[   ]Shaya1999-Formatting Journal Tables in XML at the ADC.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 420K 
[   ]Shaya2003-Space interferometry mission dynamical observations of galaxies SIMDOG key project.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 60K 
[   ]Shaya2005-SIM Space Interferometry Mission Dynamical Observations of Galaxies-SIMDOG.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 73K 
[   ]Wallin2010-Tasking Citizen Scientists from Galaxy Zoo to Model Galaxy Collisions.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 150K 

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