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[   ]Automated Wildfire Detection through Artificial Neural Networks-EASTFIRE2007.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 418K 
[   ]Borne1995-WWW access to the HST data archive.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 52K 
[   ]Borne1997-Collision-Induced Star Formation in Ring Galaxies.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 575K 
[   ]Borne2003-Distributed Data Mining in the National Virtual Observatory-SPIE2003.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 86K 
[   ]Borne2006-Collaborative Knowledge-Sharing for E-Science-AAAI2006.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 319K 
[   ]Borne2006-Data-Driven Discovery through e-Science Technologies-SMC-IT2006.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 115K 
[   ]Borne2007-Machine Learning Classification Broker for Petascale Mining of Large-scale Astronomy Databases-NGDM2007.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 34K 
[   ]Borne2009-The New Undergraduate Program in Computational and Data Sciences at GMU-ICCS2009.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 133K 
[   ]Borne2010-Effective Outlier Detection in Science Data Streams-CIDU2010.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 538K 
[   ]Data Mining the Galaxy Zoo Mergers-CIDU2010.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 463K 
[   ]Distributed Data Mining for Astronomy Catalogs-SIAM2006.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 414K 
[   ]Distributed Top-K Outlier Detection from Astronomy Catalogs using the DEMAC System-SIAM2007.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 470K 
[   ]PADMINI Peer-to-Peer Distributed Astronomy Data Mining System and Case Study-CIDU2010.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 489K 
[   ]Scalable Distributed Change Detection from Astronomy Data Streams-SIAM2009.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 360K 
[   ]TagLearner P2P Classifier Learning System from Collaboratively Tagged Text Documents-ICDM2009.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 336K 
[   ]kb-av-SSDBM2011.pdf2013-02-01 14:27 454K 

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