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CSI 710
Scientific and Statistical Databases

Fall Semester 2005

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   Online Course Material - please log into every week to get updates, lecture slides, assignments.

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   Cross-listed Course Number: IT 864

   Lecture Day/Time: Tuesday 4:30-7:10 PM (August 30 December 6)

   Lecture Place: Room 131, Science & Technology I

   Course Instructor: Kirk Borne, Associate Professor, Astrophysics and Computational Science

   Office: David King Hall, Room 1014A, 703-993-8402 (with voicemail)

   Office Hours: by appointment


   Mail box: SCS Office, Room 101, Science & Technology I

Required Textbooks:


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Course Objectives:

1.      to analyze database and data management concepts and technologies that benefit scientific research;

2.      to become familiar with a variety of large scientific database projects goals & implementation;

3.      to become capable in using database and data management techniques to solve scientific problems; and

4.      to acquire knowledge in database and data management techniques that will enable the student to progress to more advanced courses, research projects, and employment opportunities that require database skills and data management capability.

Author: Kirk D. Borne
Last Update: August 20, 2005